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“As a 54 year old personal trainer, I was starting to slow down from fatigue and my injuries. A few sessions with Acupuncturist Edmond Chen removed joint pain that I had carried with me for over 15 years. I have also started sleeping better, which is a big plus to working and enjoying life. Thank you, Edmond.”

Doug Setter, Personal Fitness Trainer

“I’ve personally visited Edmond for whiplash and a variety of back pain issues and have had amazing and speedy results with his care. I have also sent many clients to Edmond for cervical ripening acupuncture and have seen how their births progressed beautifully and with ease.  Each client I have sent have nothing but positive things to say about the care they received from Edmond!”

–Lauren Asperin, Birth Doula

“I was in excruciating pain while awaiting my hip replacement surgery. Edmond eased my pain and made everything bearable. Even when my surgery date was postponed, I did not fall to pieces as I knew I have Edmond to help me through it. And now after surgery, Edmond is helping with my rehab. With each visit, my surgeon is amazed at the progress I am making. Soon I will be able to walk on my own without a cane or any additional support.”

–Carol Wright, Vancouver, B.C.

“I’m so pleased with the positive results of Edmond’s acupuncture treatments. I went to see him for a specific health challenge and he addressed it and healed other challenging areas where I now sleep better and much deeper. The massage treatment on top of the acupuncture is an added bonus and I always come out of the appointment feeling calmer, at peace and rejuvenated. Edmond is a rare doctor who truly cares about the patient’s well being, addresses the root cause and provides a lasting healing impact.”

–Derek Nakamoto, President of Ultreia Consulting

“I first went to Edmond (Acupuncturist) for an acute injury, and then we started working on a chronic condition I never thought about treating through acupuncture which is eczcema. I did not know how many conditions can be helped through acupuncture. He made every treatment very comfortable and was always very gentle with the needles as he knew I am very sensitive. Not only has he made improvements to my condition, but he has been teaching me more about Chinese medicine and has taken the time to explain to me what he is doing and why. I can personally say that Edmond is one of the kindest and most thoughtful practitioners I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

–Jackie Lede, Holistic Nutritionist