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Healing Partners

Maidenhair Birth Services

Doula Services, Birth Pool Rental, elleTENS Rental, Placenta Encapsulation

“Maidenhair Birth Services was easy to work with and has a wonderful team. We could not have been happier with Maidenhair.” – Ben

Eat Play Love Fitness

Personal Training with Simone for increasing strength, preventing injuries and losing pregnancy weight.

“Training with Eat Play Love has motivated me and kept me more consistent with my workouts than any other exercise program.”—Mia

Hypoporessives Vancouver

For reducing, recovering and reshaping your core post child delivery.

“Learning Hypopressives with Janet has been life-changing! After suffering from urinary incontinence and a prolapsed bladder from childbirth, I can now sneeze, laugh, walk quickly, run, and even jump on a trampoline…without leaking…” –Nicole