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Gift Certificates Are Now Available!

*** 10% from all gift certificates sold in Dec. donated to the food bank!!!***

Well, the holidays are fast upon us and are you still searching for the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones? Do you have colleagues or employees whose good work you would like to acknowledge? A boss you love working for? How about thanking clients who passed you business this year? Take the opportunity to show them your appreciation by giving them gift certificates from True Health Studio! Check out the many packages of great value that we offer!

Relaxing or deep-tissue Chinese Massage packages:  (Great for reducing stress, improving circulation, relieving muscle aches and pains.)

1)    2 one-hour Chinese Massage sessions for $60.00 (new patients only) Great stocking stuffer!

2)    2 one-hour Chinese Massage sessions for $100.00 (for existing patients); regular price $146.00

NEW! Anti-aging Facial Massage package:  (Reduces wrinkles and puffy eyes, shrinks pores, lighten freckles and dark spots!)

1)    2 one-hour Facial Massage sessions for $60.00 (new patients only); regular price $170.

Acupuncture packages: (Acupuncture boosts the immune system to prevent colds and flu, help to speed recovery from surgery and injuries, and promote organ functions to maintain optimal health.)

1)    2 one-hour Acupuncture sessions for only $60.00 (new patients only)

2)    2 one-hour Acupuncture sessions for $100.00 (for existing patients); regular price $146.00

Remember, 10% of all gift certificates sold through December will be donated to the food bank. So you will be gifting twice with every package: the person you’re gifting to, and to the needy families of Vancouver!

This is a limited time offer.  Some packages only available until Dec. 31, 2013. Please call to place your order today!

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